Touhoubot Project

This is Touhoubot Project main page. Currently it's in development, so there may be bugs and glitches.
To use the bot download launcher, put it into touhou directory and then execute it.

To activate/deactivate the bot press B button.
Shot button (Z/Ctrl) activates/deactivates autoshot.

Starting from revision 269, there are new modes: Mouse Control (press M to activate/deactivate) and Bot Default Position Mouse Control (activate both: bot and Mouse Control mode).

Starting from revision 241, you should assist bot, pressing I and D.

Currently supported games:

Bot supports Reimu and Sanae (and Cirno in Great Fairy Wars). And no, we will not add Marisa to the list of supported characters.

Bot features: NOTICE: DirectInput should be NOT DISABLED (check your touhou configuration). Otherwise, bot won't be able to play.

Download links:
Thbot Launcher r274 New features which were added in revision 269 are here, but playing algorithms are from revision 241, cause they are better (updated 14.06.2011; downloads: 916)
Thbot Launcher r269 Capital changes and new features. But seems, it plays worse, than revision 241 (updated 12.06.2011; downloads: 574)
Thbot Launcher r241 (updated 08.06.2011; downloads: 766)
Thbot Launcher r231 (updated 06.06.2011; downloads: 585)

If you expirience "MSVCP100.dll (or MSVCR100.dll) not found" error - download files from links below and put them into touhou directory.
Download MSVCP100.DLL
Download MSVCR100.DLL

Authors: Adepht and Tsar Ioann XIII
Feedback: thbotproject@gmail.com (you may write in russian)
YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/thbotproject
Replays: MoF Lunatic r238